International Journal of Advance Agricultural Research
ISSN: 2053-1265
Vol. 6(8), pp. 116-121, December 2018

Micronized calcite treatment enhances cluster and berry quality of ‘Crimson Seedless’ grapes

Sevil Unal1, Ömer Faruk Bilgin1, Ferhan Sabir2 and Ali Sabir2*

1Selcuk University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science, 42075, Konya, Turkey.
2Selcuk University Agriculture Faculty Horticulture Department, 42075, Konya, Turkey.

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:

Received 02 November, 2018; Received in revised form 21 November, 2018; Accepted 28 November, 2018.


Table grape, Crimson Seedless, Calcium treatment, Quality improvement.

Crimson Seedless is one of the globally popular table grape cultivars with its sweet, crispy, seedless and pink berries. This cultivar with its attractive clusters is commonly stored after harvest and its postharvest quality has been a subject of many studies. In the present study, clusters and leaves of soilless grown ‘Crimson Seedless’ cultivar were sprayed with calcium in micronized calcite form to improve its quality under protected cultivation. Micronized calcite spray of developing green berries along with the leaves noticeably improved the cluster and berry sizes of ‘Crimson Seedless’ table grapes. In particular, berry detachment force (19.8% increase) and skin rupture force (13.1% increase) were enhanced by calcite spray without impairment in grape maturity process. Findings implied that micronized calcite treatment might be a sustainable practice to improve the harvest quality and to extend postharvest life of table grapes on the face of ever-increasing climate change.

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