Table of content: April 2017; Vol. 5 Issue 3

Research Articles

Fumigation and repellent potential of four essential oils against major coleopteran pests of stored grain
Jyotika Brari and D. R. Thakur
Int. J. Adv. Agric. Res. (2017) 5(3): pp. 40-51

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Spatial distribution characteristics of phosphorus and potassium in small watershed of grassland
Fengna Xue, Ruiqiang Zhang, Tianming Gao, Lin Wang, Wenbang Gao, Jing Shi, Shanshan Sun, Junxiu Liu, Rina Su, Yunhu Xie, Chunxing Hai and Xiaojia Li
Int. J. Adv. Agric. Res. (2017) 5(3): pp. 52-60

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