Table of content: December 2018; Vol. 6 Issue 8

Research Articles

Influence of rhizobial inoculation and crop variety on dry matter accumulation of crops in maize-soybean intercropping system
Shenghui Yang, Wenhao Chen, Wenfeng Chen, Changfu Tian, Xinhua Sui and Wenxin Chen
Int. J. Adv. Agric. Res. (2018) 6(8): pp. 101-115

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Micronized calcite treatment enhances cluster and berry quality of ‘Crimson Seedless’ grapes
Sevil Unal, Ömer Faruk Bilgin, Ferhan Sabir and Ali Sabir
Int. J. Adv. Agric. Res. (2018) 6(8): pp. 116-121

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