International Journal of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Research
ISSN: 2053-1818
Vol. 5(8), pp. 88-94, September, 2017

Pollen viability of sugarcane after storage

Luiz Sérgio Costa Duarte Filho*, Edson Ferreira da Silva, Robson da Silva Ramos, Luiz José Oliveira Tavares de Melo and Djalma Euzébio Simões Neto

Population Genetics Laboratory, Department of Agronomy – Genetic Improvement of Plants, Rural Federal University of Pernambuco, Rua Manoel de Medeiros, s/n – Dois Irmãos 52171-900 Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:

Received 07 Aigust, 2017; Received in revised form 23 August, 2017; Accepted 28 August, 2017.


Genetic improvement, Hybridization, Pollen conservation, Saccharum spp.

Knowledge about conservation of pollen viability in sugarcane allows estimation of the preservation time, germinative power, vigor and genetic integrity of the pollen, and may facilitate crosses between asynchronous flowering parents. This work evaluated the viability of pollen in the upper and lower third of the panicles in ten genotypes and the viability during the storage time in four genotypes. The collected pollen grains were stored in a freezer at -18°C and the viability was evaluated by means of a 2% lugol solution. The evaluations were performed at ten-day intervals, during a fifty-day period. Significant differences were observed for the genotype x panicle interaction of four of the ten evaluated genotypes, where genotypes G2, RB813804 and RB931011 presented higher viability in the lower third, while genotype RB863129 presented greater viability in the upper third of the inflorescence. Significant differences were also observed for the genotype x storage days interaction for the four genotypes. It was verified that the genotypes present a differentiated behavior in the loss of viability and that the accessions RB813804, RB931011 and RB863129 remained viable in the final evaluation.

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