Call For Papers

International Journal of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Research (IJAMBR) welcomes submissions of articles which are to be considered for monthly publication in the journal; such as Full length research articles; Review articles including Critical reviews, Mini reviews and Tutorial reviews; Communications; Reports of preliminary research findings that justify urgent publication, in all areas of applied microbiology as well as biotechnology.

The scope of the journal is broad and it includes but not limited to the following area of specialty:

a. Microbiology

Bacteriology, Biotechnology, Cell Physiology, Clinical Microbiology, Entomology, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Microbiology, Food Microbiology, Genetics, Immunology, Industrial Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Microbial Biochemistry, Microbial Ecology, Microbial Probiotics and Prebiotics, Cellular Biology, Molecular Microbiology, Mycology, Parasitology, Phycology, Plant Pathology, Protozoology, Soil and Environmental Sciences, Soil Microbial Studies, Toxicology, Virology, Zoology, etc.

b. Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology, Antioxidants, Application of Biomimetics, Biocatalysis, and Heterogeneous Catalysis, Applied Biochemistry, Crop genetics and biotechnology, Development of Artificial Enzymes, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Toxicology, Enzyme Inhibition, Enzymology, Food and Agricultural Biotechnologies, Genetic Engineering, Genetics, Genomics and Proteomics, Metabolic Engineering, Molecular Biology, Renewable Energy and Environment, Resource Recycling through Bio-conversion of Agro-industrial Wastes, Toxicogenomics, Vaccine biotechnology, etc.

IJAMBR has specific instructions and guidelines for submitting articles. These instructions and guidelines are readily available on her website. Please read and review them carefully. The whole manuscript should be submitted as a single Microsoft Word file that includes all Figures and Tables. However, where it is not convenient for the author to include some Tables or Figures in the body of the manuscript, such Tables or Figures may be places in a separate Microsoft Word file together with their Table/Figure legends. Their position should be properly cited/indicated in the text of the manuscript to enable the Editorial Office of JMPHTR, affix them appropriately, when editing the article during and after the review process. See Instructions for Authors

Manuscript(s) should be submitted as e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at: or Acknowledgement letter(s) together with manuscript number(s) will be mailed to the corresponding author within 48 hours of manuscript(s) reception by the Editorial Office.

Please note that authors are to suggest 3-5 potential reviewers and provide their contact information including email addresses in the cover letter that accompany’s any submission.

Articles that are not submitted in accordance with the instructions and guidelines of IJAMBR are likely to be rejected. While those articles that are considered to be outside the scope of IJAMBR will be re-directed to our sister journal whose scope covers that of the said article. However, this will only be done after seeking permission from author(s) of such article(s) and consent has been granted.

IJAMBR strongly discourages and rejects submission of articles which have been published or are being considered for publication elsewhere. Therefore, all articles submitted to IJAMBR must be original; must not have appeared in another publication and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere while under consideration for publication in IJAMBR. Also, submission of articles by anyone other than one of the authors will be rejected.

Abbreviation: Int. J. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. Res.
Language: English
ISSN: 2053-1818
Start Year: 2013


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