International Journal of Modern and Alternative Medicine Research
ISSN: 2053-1834
Vol. 6(1), pp. 12-16, January 2018

Quality of life of patients with vocal fold nodules before and after vocal therapy

Mila Bunijevac1*, Mirjana Petrović-Lazić2,3, Nadica Jovanović-Simić3 and Siniša Maksimović1

1Public Health Hospital “SvetiVračevi”, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2ENT Clinic, Clinical Hospital Center “Zvezdara”, Belgrade, Serbia.
3University of Belgrade – Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, Serbia.

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:

Received 12 November, 2017; Received in revised form 29 November, 2017; Accepted 06 December, 2017.


Larynx, Vocal cords, Vocal nodules, Hoarseness, Vocal therapy.

In order to produce a normal voice, the function of larynx must be coordinated, efficient and physiologically stable. Any imbalance in this delicate system affects the quality of voice. The study involved 39 respondents, 20 respondents represented the experimental group, and nodules on the vocal folds were diagnosed in all, while 19 respondents were in the control group. The age of respondents are ranged from 23 to 56 years. Subjective assessment of voice was carried out by the instrument Voice Handicap Index (VHI), which encompasses three areas: Functional, emotional and physical areas. A statistically significant difference was found between the experimental group at the beginning of the measurement and control groups on all three sub-tests as well as on the total score. Statistical significance is at the level of p<0.01. After the completion of vocal therapy, there was no statistically significant difference between the experimental and control groups. Patients with vocal fold nodules can fix their voice problems using vocal therapy, and its main objective is to improve the voice quality that influences the improvement of the quality of life.

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