Table of content: January 2018; Vol. 6 Issue 1

Research Articles

Comparison of the effects of physiotherapeutic approaches and body awareness therapy on disability, fatigue, anxiety, well-being and health-related quality of life in migraine patients
Tülay Tarsuslu Şimşek, Eylem Tütün Yümin and Meral Sertel
Int. J. Mod. Alt. Med. Res. (2018) 6(1): pp. 1-11

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Quality of life of patients with vocal fold nodules before and after vocal therapy
Mila Bunijevac, Mirjana Petrović-Lazić, Nadica Jovanović-Simić and Siniša Maksimović
Int. J. Mod. Alt. Med. Res. (2018) 6(1): pp. 12-16

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