International Journal of Modern Biological Research
ISSN: 2053-180X
Vol. 5(2), pp. 32-41, June 2017

Study of 137Cs concentration activity in mosses of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Feriz Adrović1*, Alma Damjanović2, Jasmin Adrović1, Jasmina Kamberović1 and Nađa Hadžiselimović3

1University of Tuzla, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2The International School of The Hague, Den Haag, Nederlands.
3University of Tuzla, Faculty of Pharmacy, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:,

Received 09 May, 2017; Received in revised form 05 June, 2017; Accepted 11 June, 2017.


Radiocesium 137Cs, Bioindicators, Mosses, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Anthropogenic radioisotope 137Cs had first appeared in the environment in significant quantities after performing atmospheric nuclear testing. The last two extremely large amounts of the radioacesium 137Cs were released in the atmosphere during the nuclear accident at Chernobyl in 1986 and in Fukushima nuclear reactor accident in 2011. This paper explored the levels of contamination of moss radiocesium 137Cs after almost 30 years since the Chernobyl disaster, which were obtained from 92 locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gamma spectrometric analysis of the collected samples was performed using three high resolution of the purity germanium detectors with 35, 23 and 70% relative efficiency. 137Cs was present in all tested samples of moss, with concentrations of 137Cs ranging from 4 to 1612 Bq/kg dry weight of selected moss species.

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