International Journal of Research and Reviews in Education
ISSN: 2056-9726
Vol. 7(2), pp. 21-28, April 2021

Effect of regulatory factors on the organization and management of Greek higher education institutions

Christos Konstantinidis* and Evanthia Rizopoulou

International Hellenic University, School of Business Administration, Serres, Greece.

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Received 30 March, 2021; Received in revised form 17 April, 2021; Accepted 21 April, 2021.


Higher education institutions, Regulatory factors, Administration.

The role and operation of higher education institutions in the social life of a country as well as the influence of various regulatory factors is a matter of major importance and has frequently occupied the literature. The existence of heterogeneous regulatory factors such as asylum, funding, the institutional framework and the participation or non-participation of members in the governing consortiums, constitutes the aim of this work. The data were collected with the use of a questionnaire, while the sample of the research consisted of 101 employees in higher education institutions. The analysis was performed by using the statistical package SPSS. Correlations between the variables were estimated and the results showed that regulatory factors such as asylum, funding, members' participation in the governing consortiums and the link between excellence and institutional funding have a positive and statistically significant effect on the organization and administration of institution.

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