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Identifying Funding Bodies

Grants linked to a particular University: Many universities and departments offer grants. These offer are specifically for courses at that university. If you know the school where you want to apply to for grants, you should check the website or call the departmental telephone line to see whether the department or university that you are interested in offers any for of grants and whether you are eligible to compete for it (if any). They are also advertised when they come up and you can find them on the web pages of the academic institutions.

Grants for EU/International Students: This type of grant is only available to EU or International students. Home/UK students are not eligible. Usually there is a National Research Centre or a State Scholarship Foundation that administers scholarships/grants.

Germany: DAAD
France: Entente Cordiale Scholarships
Italy: Ministero degli Affari Esteri
Portugal: Instituto Camoes
Greece: Greek State Scholarship's Foundation
For international non-EU students: The Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme
For overseas students: The British Chevening Scholarships
USA: The Fulbright Commission, The Marshall Scholarships

To search for sources of funding for international students click here.


The British Academy, another important grant-giving body, only offers travel and conference grants to postgraduates. A careful trawl of the websites will establish what is available and what you are eligible for.
Scholarship Search UK
Sources of Funding For International Students
Scholarship and Sponsorship
CNA Classes Near Me
CNA Free Training Resources
The Gen Foundation
The Leverhulme Trust
Grants of History
Marie Curie Fellowship
British Association for Women Scholars
The Royal Society


Columbia University Columbia Open-Access Publication (COAP) Fund
Duke University
Open Access Publishing Fund
Harvard University
Open-Access Publishing Equity Fund
University of California Berkeley
BRII – Berkeley Research Impact Initiative
University of Florida
University of Florida Open Access Publishing (UFOAP) Fund Pilot Project
University of Michigan
Open Access Publishing Fund
Indiana University
IUPUI Open Access Publishing Fund
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Open Access Authors Fund
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Open Access Publishing Support Fund


Simon Fraser University New Open Access Fund
University of Calgary Open Access Authors Fund
University of Ottawa Open Access Author Fund


University of Nottingham Open Access Publishing Fund


Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Open Access Publishing Fund
The University of Bergen Open Access Publishing Fund
The University of Oslo Open Access Publishing Fund
The University of Tromsø Open Access Publishing Fund


Universitat de Barcelona Open Access Publishing Fund

South Africa

Stellenbosch University Open Access Fund

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