International Journal of Advance Agricultural Research
ISSN: 2053-1265
Vol. 7(5), pp. 122-127, September 2019

Poultry farmers’ perception on climate change in Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria

Amusat A. S.1, Atanda A. O.2 and Omowon A. A.3*

1Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Obafemi Awolowo University, P. M. B. 5029, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Nigeria.
2Department of Animal Science, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.
3Department of Animal Health Technology, School of Animal and Fisheries Technology, Oyo State College of Agriculture, Igboora, Nigeria.

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:

Received 27 April, 2019; Received in revised form 22 July, 2019; Accepted 25 July, 2019.


Poultry, Climate change, Perception, Adaptability measures.

This study examined poultry farmers’ perception of climate change in Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State. A multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 120 respondents for the study. Data collection was done through the use of interview schedule and was analyzed using both descriptive (frequencies and percentages) and inferential statistics (Chi square). The results obtained show that mean age of respondents was 41.2 years, majority were male (55.6%) and had tertiary education (49.4%). The most popular sources of information to farmers on climate change were television (1.72) and radio (1.61). Regular vaccination of birds was the most adaptability measure used by respondents and the greatest challenge to climate change on poultry was insufficient capital. Majority of the respondents (58.9%) had high level of perception of climate change. There was a significant relationship between respondents’ age (x2 = 43.46; p = 0.05), educational level (x2 = 36.35; p = 0.05), experience (x2 = 19.27; p = 0.05) and their perception of climate change. It was concluded that age, education and farming experience played significance roles in poultry farmers’ perception of climate change. It was recommended that poultry farmers need more information on adaptability measure and financial support to mitigate climate change effects.

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