International Journal of Modern and Alternative Medicine Research
ISSN: 2053-1834
Vol. 7(1), pp. 1-3, February 2020

Overlapping bullous pemphigoid with chronic arthropatic psoriasis

Corina Bud1*, Ioana Alexandra Balc2 and Dan Andrei Todor2

1University of Oradea, Romania.
2County Emergency Clinical Hospital of Oradea, Romania.

*To whom correspondence should be addressed. E-mail:

Received 02 September, 2019; Received in revised form 30 January, 2020; Accepted 03 February, 2020.


Psoriasis vulgaris, Bullous pemphigoid, Multiple autoimmune syndrome.

The pathophysiological mechanism of autoimmune diseases has always been a point of interest for physicians worldwide. Approximately one out of every four patients with an autoimmune disease will develop another type of autoimmune disease. The coexistence of psoriasis and bullous pemphigoid (BP) is not uncommon, but the cause is still unclear. Multiple autoimmune syndromes describe the association between more than three autoimmune diseases, but the coexistence and the way these diseases influence one another is not fully understood, with more and more theories arising every day. The case of a patient with a particular cutaneous bullous eruption, shortly after the interruption of long-term biological treatment for psoriasis is hereby presented. Patient adherence to a long ongoing treatment of an autoimmune disease is an important factor in the causality of another autoimmune disease, and should be taken into consideration when thinking of multiple autoimmune syndrome. Cessation of treatment may trigger the onset of multiple autoimmune syndrome and should be avoided.

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